Fishing Play Set


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Teach your child to fish for a lifetime.

Instill a love for sea creatures with the Soopsori Fishing Play Set. Carefully handcrafted from solid wood, this well-designed play set helps build dexterity and hand-eye coordination. The fishing pole's reel actually turns, and the thoughtful overall design will keep frustration at bay. The "hook's" embedded magnet moves and turns, eliminating any potential attract/repel trouble common to other magnetized fishing sets, so that the user can attract and catch with either side of each wooden fish. Featuring eight different fish - including an eel and an octopus - this smart and lovingly crafted play set will keep your curious child engaged for hours.

All Soopsori products, crafted with carefully selected twenty different types of wood and finished with natural oil that is non-toxic and harmless, are guaranteed environmentally friendly and one hundred percent all natural.

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